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I’m Deborah Cohen and I’m here to help you take your life off hold.

Do you feel confused when making decisions that are right for YOU? Do you feel lost at times of hardships?

With me by your side, you will find clarity and purpose. You will establish short term and long term goals to help you reach an outcome that works best for you and your loved ones.

Sometimes, in the back of our minds, we may think;

" I need to change something. I need to take action ! But where do I start? Can I start? Should I? I feel ok, but if I could just figure this out!"

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My Story

As an educator and administrator, I have helped children and families establish and implement 504 plans and IEPs.

I am a mother of two boys, and we all know that when your child’s teachers are not addressing their special needs, it is very frustrating for both you and your child . Whether they are for a disability or for gifted programs, I have attended many meetings with educational administrators in order to assure that the school is concerned with the Best Interest of the Child. 

Throughout my life I have always felt the need to help others through life’s ups and downs. 

I have helped many with solving issues in their relationships, how to manage their finances, how to balance life and work and simply, just to be there for them in times of need. 

Let me be the one to guide you and be there for you . Together, you will see that there is a solution for any worry or issue that you have !


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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